Recent projects

Postcards for Perec  curated by Linda Parr. Georges Perec’s postcard messages, dedicated to his friend Italo Calvino, appeared as a long list, without a single image. Written in 1978, they were translated into English by John Sturrock in Species of Spaces and Other Pieces, in 1997. Constructed with mathematical precision, they describe hedonistic vacations in contrast to the stay-at-home restrictions imposed by the COVID pandemic during which the project was conceived. Perec’s holiday-makers travel through alphabets, relaxing and sunbathing, making historic and literary connections on the way, with no mention of the journeys nor the bills. The messages seem a little repetitive and formulaic, but as both writers were members of OuLiPo Ouvroir de littérature potentielle; roughly translated: “workshop of potential literature”, it is perhaps not surprising. The first clue to unravelling the secrets is to ask why 243? The aim  of the Perec project was to respond to the texts as artists by making a postcard, adding the missing image to the message, and posting the physical postcard. Postcards images were offered to the project from twenty-two countries, from Russia to the USA, Finland to the Isle of Wight and will be exhibited at the UWE Bower Ashton library in July and August, 2021. A slideshow featuring Postcards for Perec was shown during the Bristol Artists Book Event, BABE 2021—The Lost Weekend.

 Lockdown and Light ,, two interations of the project curated by Jane Watt Projects and David Baldry. Lockdown and Light called on artists to create temporary light installations in their homes across the world during the COVID lockdowns restrictions in May 2020 and January 2021.

Letters from A Strange Year , curated by London based artists Paul Anderson Morrow and Sarah Needham in 2021, Letters From a Strange Year is an artists project concerned with the relationship between artists’ conversations and practice. Artists letters and responses were contributed for a touring archive which was originally exhibited at a pop-up exhibition at Vout Vintage in London in April 2021.

BABE 2021 | The Lost Weekend, contributed responses to Tom Sowden’s online tribute to John Baldessari which will take form in a book after its intial exhibition online during the Bristol Artists Book Event, April 2021

The Great Big Art Exhibition  curated by  Firstsite , Colchester, UK,  was launched by Andrew Gormley, January 2021, proposing the largest art exhibition ever staged, with artists creating installations in windows and other spaces across the UK. During COVID restriction the workds are shared via social media but will come togeter in total in a projected exhibition of at FristSite after reopening in 2021. January to May 2021.


Past projects

365 (RE) Affirmations , a blog project by Sarah Figlio, 17th July, 2014 to 17th July, 2015.